The First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for the three older children at a new school.  There should be pictures to post, but alas, the digital camera’s batteries were dead and we didn’t realize it until we were at the school.  Aargh . . .

 Did we make a smooth transition into our new schedule of getting everyone up and ready and out the door by 7:45?  NO!  Was I stressed and snippy?  YES!  But after we actually got to school, things went better.  Mark and I attended a meeting for middle school students and parents at the beginning of the day.  We are encouraged by the small size of Calvin’s class and the enthusiasm of the teachers.  We are praying for a better year for all the kids, but especially for Calvin.

The reports after school we mostly good.  Calvin tried to think of as many negatives as he could just so we would know who we were dealing with.  Nevin, in his usual Nevin way, reported that school was “fine.”  He likes not wearing a uniform.  (Middle school, BTW, requires a uniform, so Calvin has to keep donning the khakis and polos.)  Evangeline was pleased with her teacher and classmates, but she is feeling a bit overwhelmed at the challenges third grade brings.  She has some focus issues like her big brother, so she will need to be guided a bit to get with the program.

Mark also started a new part-time job tutoring at a local community college.  On Mondays, he’ll be gone for most of the day and evening.  So after school, we headed to the store to stock up on pants for the ever-growing Horne boys.  By the time we got home after a day at work with Charis by my side and shopping for kids’ clohes, I was pretty much spent for the day.

I am glad today is over.  It wasn’t bad, but it took a lot out of all of us.

8 thoughts on “The First Day of School”

  1. Glad you got through the first day. It’s okay about the camera, as long as you get first week of school pictures!

    My eldest starts school next week. All his khakis are about two inches too short and I’ve been waiting until the last minute to go buy more–he insists on continuing to grow.

    Enjoy your new routine!

  2. The first day is the hardest. You’ll have the old routines down in no time! Sounds like Mondays are going to be rough for you. I’ll try to remember to say a special prayer for you guys on Mondays. Our first week of school was stressful too. As for the camera… I got mine all charged for A.’s third birthday trip to Chuck E Cheese and forgot it!! We’ll just have “memory pictures!” LOL

  3. I bet Calvin’s attitude about changing schools is much like his attitude when he was younger about moving from one state to another. He has a special talent for registering his disapproval about major changes. We are certainly praying for all the children as they adjust (and also for their parents!).

  4. Mom,

    You’re such a sweet grandmommy to call Calvin’s registering of disapproval a “talent.”

    Seriously though, I think you have a good point.

    Thanks for your prayers. Today was better.

    If you figure out how to effectively stunt your son’s growth, please share it with me.

    Thanks for commiserating with me on the picture thing, and thanks for the prayers.

  5. *Shudder* Four children up, dressed, fed, and shod by 7:45?? I suppose my mother did it, but yikes! We may be able to get our two ready by 8 on the rare Sunday we have choir, but with twice the little people and many times the frequency, that sounds exhausting at the least! And I’m tired just from chasing the boys out of tire displays, employees only areas, and garbage cans for most of an afternoon. I’m sure your children are a bit more ruly at their age, though!

    I’m ready for bed. 😉

  6. Lenise,

    I stopped by your blog the other night and saw that you are expecting #3. You are right now where I was about 8 years ago. Getting 3 bigs kids ready for school even with adding in the antics of my 4YO is much simpler than getting a 3 year-old, an 18-month-old, and a newborn ready and out the door for anything! Thinking about that is good for me because it gives me perspective on how hard things really used to be. So I guess I should be encouraging young moms to look forward to the days when just telling and re-telling kids to get dressed and get things done will come.

  7. Hey Jennifer!
    School for us started last week, too. I have a kindergartener (who is very very very excited) and a 2nd grader (who would rather die than go to school). Also, the 2nd grader has major focus issues, which is probably a big part of her not liking school, but she has had them since kindergarten. It takes all of my energy to help her with her homework. And we’re just now gearing up for that. Ugh.

    All for our sanctification, I suppose….

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