Homeschooling in OK

Oklahoma is generally considered a very homeschool-friendly state. There are very few regulations on record that limit home school families. So it is pretty easy to homeschool here as compared to several other states in the country. For instance, you don’t have to register your child in a school here like you do in some other states. However, I just received word of some legislation that seems very biased against not only homeschoolers, but private schooled children as well. Here’s the information I got . . .

Legislative Alert

4 thoughts on “Homeschooling in OK”

  1. This bill failed to get out of committee by one vote. There was another that was strangled in committee which would have required a passing grade in social studies, of all things.

    There is a reading requirement for the learner’s permit in OK. What most homeschoolers do is take a test at a local vo-tech (about $35 dollars, the amount set by state law) and bring-in the results.

    There is also available a parent-taught driver’s ed (classroom and behind the wheel) through AAA and is DPS approved. We’re using that with our daughter.

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