Loose Tooth

Our oldest boy lost one of his front teeth tonight. He now looks like the quintessential 7-year-old. A photo would be really great for this entry, but I won’t have one for a while. I’ll see what I can do soon though.

4 thoughts on “Loose Tooth”

  1. Is this the first tooth Calvin’s lost? What sort of traditions for lost teeth are you guys implementing around your house? (Abigail will be most impressed when I tell her about this…please congratulate him for us!)

  2. No. This is the third tooth Calvin has lost. Number 1 came out before he turned 6. Then the second was about 6 weeks ago. I felt like this one was worth commenting on because it is one of the top front teeth, so he has that cute toothless grin that comes to mind when you think of children losing their teeth. Regarding tooth traditions, we have implemented the tooth fairy in a bit of a “tongue in cheek” way. Calvin placed his tooth under his pillow the other night. We put a dollar under his pillow. (This is more than he got the other times BTW. The amount depends on whether the tooth fairy has been able to get any cash or change on the day the tooth falls out 😉 When Calvin brought the dollar out the next morning, I said, “I see you found what the tooth fairy left for you.” He grinned and said, “No. It was Dad.” I said, “Ah, I wonder who that was with the wings that I saw leaving your room last night then.” Then he laughed at my little tale.

  3. I should also mention that Nevin has lost one tooth so far–over Christmas. He has another one loose, so we are waiting for it to come out as the adult tooth is already pushing through.

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