Big News

Ok. Not really big news. But I just had to brag that I ended the day yesterday with an empty laundry hamper. It was the first time in about 6 weeks. It’s a good feeling, even if only happens every now and then.

6 thoughts on “Big News”

  1. Way to go! Don’t you wish there were an equivalent to paper plates in the clothes category? That way you could enjoy the empty clothes hamper a little longer the same way you can avoid running the dishwasher again for just a little longer.

  2. Thank you one and all for the congratulations. I am pleased to update my initial report that in 3 days the hamper has not been filled above the one-third point.

  3. Such accomplishments are the rough equivalent of a great drive while playing golf… it may be one of the few good shots all day, but it helps you enjoy the whole experience.

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