Stupid Human Tricks

I went to Wal-mart for the weekly hunting and gathering expedition late this afternoon. A friend was along with me who kept Charis entertained while we walked the aisles. We finished paying for the groceries, and stepped into the frigid below-normal temperatures of central Oklahoma to walk to my van. We loaded up. In my rush to get out of the cold air, I gave the van door a hearty heave-ho to close it, but I didn’t get out of the way quickly enough. My right hand was smashed–squeezed together in a way that is not natural. It is not broken, but it is bruised and swollen–really very attractive. Perhaps I’ll make wardrobe selection in the next couple of weeks to match the changing colors of my large bruised hand.

3 thoughts on “Stupid Human Tricks”

  1. Oh, Jennifer, I am SO sorry to hear about your hand. That sounds awful. As someone who is constantly injuring themself, may I say that I feel your pain?? I hope your hand gets better soon.

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