sick, vacation, etc

I am sick. Thus, it seems like a time to blog. I won’t whine about it though. I’ll just wanted to state that I am sick from the start. We had a good week-long visit with Mark’s parents that ended today. It is good to have great in-laws. They, too, suffered sickness in our presence. I hate that this happens, and it seems to happen close to every time they visit. But with little kids in the house, it is to be expected I guess.

The up side of the visit was Mark’s parents’ willingness to stay with the kids while we went for an overnight stay at a bed and breakfast in OKC. It was a lovely place, and I would recommend it to anyone who wanted a beautiful place to stay while visiting west-central OK (should one be inclined to do such a thing). Mark’s parents also watched the kids on another evening for us to go see Lord of the Rings. It was enjoyable–although I wasn’t fond of the monsters. I haven’t (audible gasp) read the trilogy, so I have no great statements to make about the movie. I had read the Hobbit, so I wasn’t completely new to the Tolkien world.

I hope to feel better soon and to be able to blog again. For now, I must lay down again.