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I am starting to do some free lance editorial work again. I just started a proofing job for my old employer, and, out of nowhere, I was contacted by an author who would like me to edit her manuscript. She was referred to me by a former client. This is background as to why I have been looking at websites about literary agents and Christian fiction. At some point in my future, I would love to be a literary agent. But I don’t expect it will ever become reality because of my limited experience. But I digress. . . I came across this while surfing. I found it very interesting, especially in light of my husband’s and my own interest in liturgy. Take a look and let me know what you think.

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  1. Dawn,

    I guess my blog was sort of cryptic. I gravitated to one comment in the article:

    “I suspect it also has something to do with ecumenism,” Wright says. “We feel freer to learn things from Christians in other traditions, and that can only improve our craft.” Wright herself grew up in a low-church evangelical household, but she has been experimenting with more liturgical forms in the last decade. “Liturgical traditions tend to welcome mystery,” she says. “The faith tradition I grew up in didn’t do much with mystery. My creativity has been helped by breaking out of a tradition where you have to have a Bible verse for every issue and by embracing the mystery of the liturgical side of the Christian tradition.”

    When I worked in Christian publishing on fiction for the CBA 6 years ago, my boss, who was of the “liturgical tradition” was always trying to publish more literary and more science fiction. He was always getting shut down by the marketing and sales departments. They told him that evangelicals couldn’t relate to this type of writing. So I felt that her comment about liturgical traditions being more open to mystery was really insightful. I guess I didn’t provide enough info in my blog. It may be that it still doesn’t make sense to you or anyone else. But, oh well, if you can’t just write stream of consciousness stuff on your blog, where can you?

  2. Vinita Hampton Wright sounds really interesting, and your new opportunities are exciting.

    See you late Thursday!

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