This, That, & The Other Thing

This–the dryer staining and chewing holes in the clothes when they get stuck between the barrel and outer casing.

That–the water heater not heating as it should.

The other thing–life getting busy and making time to meet the dryer repair guy and the water heater repair guy.

When the first repair guy showed up today, I showed him a pair of underwear with a black stain and a hole in it where the dryer had taken a bite out of it.  He looked at me like I was crazy.  Then he said, “I’m here for the water heater.”  Ok.  I got a little confused.  I chuckle to myself every time I think of it.

The dryer guy comes tomorrow morning, by the way.

8 thoughts on “This, That, & The Other Thing”

  1. I love your visuals! I recently experienced my dryer exhibiting similar behavior twice in a row, though with harmless results both times. We’ve had it since 1994 — is it old age?I think it’s hilarious that you gave the first guy a story he could later share about his crazy customers. 😉

  2. Debbie,
    Not mine, of course. They were Mark’s.


    We have had our dryer since 1998, but it is a Maytag that is never supposed to need fixing. And, yes. I think I provided the guy with a good story to tell when he gets home.

  3. I expect the life span of even a Maytag has got to be affected by handling the laundry of a family of six as opposed to two “older” adults like us.

  4. lol!! (I really did, too.) I’m trying to image what went through Mr. Water Heater’s mind when you started dangling that underwear in front of him. Probably something like, “If this is a come-on, it needs some work.”

  5. Angie,

    Mr. Water Heater had to come back on Friday afternoon to install the part that he ordered for the repair. He didn’t act like he was afraid to come in. I can only imagine what it is like for these repair guys to go into all these different homes. I suspect they have many good stories to tell.

    I told the dryer guy about showing the “holey” underwear to the other guy, and he really laughed. He told me he would have said, “I’m sorry Mam; I don’t think those will fit me.”

  6. Hey, we bought our W/D in 1998, too! Our first matrimonial appliances. They’re still going strong, now moved OUT OF THE KITCHEN!!! and, OK, into the bathroom. But still! We had to get a new (tankless) water heater to accomplish that feat. The contractor noticed the water heater was about 14 years old, but it still worked just fine. I am not going to think about what embarrassing items were lying around for the various workers. Not even going to ponder. That was definitely a good story, though!

  7. The dryer needs a brand new drum and 2 other parts. They were ordered last Friday, and they arrived already yesterday. Dryer man returns tomorrow to install the new parts. I will welcome him gladly as my basement now has clean towels hanging on clothes lines down there. I had to wash the towels because they were wet from the water leakage from our Ike leftovers on Sunday.

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