From the hand of the unprepared VBS teacher

So, it is VBS week.  One would think the teachers would be all prepared by at least the Saturday night before the Monday start.  But not me.  I have spent some time today websurfing looking for ideas to help me with our class’s closing ceremony skit and also the lyrics to a song I only remember in part about the 10 spies.  I think I have nailed down my skit plans, but I still haven’t located the song.  However, in my travels on the worldwide web, I found what I think is a pretty easy little song with the names of the disciples.  Perhaps you’ll think so, too.

Apostles (to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me”)

Jesus called them one by one, Peter, Andrew, James and John,
Next came Philip, Thomas too, Matthew and Bartholomew.

James the one they called the less, Simon, also Thaddeus,
The twelfth apostle Judas made, Jesus was by him betrayed.

Yes, Jesus called them, Yes, Jesus called them,
Yes, Jesus called them, The Bible tells me so.

Optional Additional Verse Submitted by Reader
Matthias then took Judas’ place
To preach to men of every race.

Paul three preaching trips did make
And went to Rome for Jesus’ sake.

It’s probably not useful to me for VBS this week, but I thought it was worth keeping track of.  Now, back to VBS stuff and dinner, and laundry, and packing for vacation.

4 thoughts on “From the hand of the unprepared VBS teacher”

  1. It seems I’ve read several other blogs (well, 1 or 2 anyway) lately about feeling unprepared for VBS. Maybe it’s a seasonal affliction going around! Wish I could help you with your song search, but I don’t remember one about the spies.

  2. Mom,

    Yes. I think being unprepared for VBS is a summer epidemic.

    I can remember this much of the song:

    Twelve men went to spy on Canaan; 10 were bad and 2 were good.
    What do you think they saw in Canaan? 10 were bad and 2 were good.
    Some saw giants big and strong; some saw grapevines 10 feet long. Some saw God was in it all.
    10 were bad and 2 were good.

    I keep thinking there is more to it than that, but I can’t remember for sure.

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