Catching a Chicken

Fall is upon us.  Our pastor took this photo of Evangeline at our church’s harvest party last weekend.  As you might have guessed, this was taken during the Chicken Chase.  Evangeline nobly caught this bird and gave the dollar attached to its leg to her little sister who wanted nothing to do with catching a chicken.  I thought it was sweet of Evangeline from the start, but seeing how hard she had to work to get that dollar, I am especially proud.

6 thoughts on “Catching a Chicken”

  1. I am impressed! No matter my age, I would be like little sister — I don’t think I have (or ever had) what it takes to even try to catch a chicken!

  2. Yeah! The money was the only thing that motivated Charis to get in the chicken pen. After she was in the pen, she just stood there.

    Jennifer, Evangeline is a hard worker, so perhaps she would have been a good pioneer.

  3. Uhhh, excuse me, could we say a little something about how sweet the chicken may have been? I personally know that chicken and I believe she is kind and gentle and was raised by a wonderful chicken lady…ahem.

  4. I wondered if that was one of your chickens. I so wanted you to see one of your chickens being handled by the children. It is sort of special that my daughter was one of the children to catch one of your chickens, don’t ya think?

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