It Looks Like a Toy

I was pulling out of my office parking lot yesterday, and I saw this across the street. It pulled out in front of me, and I actually passed a couple cars so I could get up behind it and look at it. This car truly looks like a toy. According to the website, the base model will sell for $12,000.00. It certainly wouldn’t be practical for our family, but it sure is cute. The Smart car is made by Mercedes. I generally think of Mercedes as being safe cars, so perhaps this will be the car that parents will be willing to buy for teenagers once they’ve been around in the states for a while.

3 thoughts on “It Looks Like a Toy”

  1. Jandy,

    I think from what I could glean on the website, it will be available in the US more broadly by the end of 2007. The one I saw had a dealer tag on it.

    I agree that it seems like half a car. I wondered if they would come out with a 4-passenger model after the newness of the 2-passenger model wears off. The girls and I went to the Soulard Farmer’s Market today with a single woman from church, and she drove a 4-passenger car called a Nissan Versa that was probably about double the size of the new Smart Car.

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