A Desire to be Healthy

I just got back from walking to the park near our subdivision. I took Charis in the stroller after lunch, so we could enjoy the nice weather today (upper 40s and sunny). It takes 8-10 minutes to walk to this park. It’s a nice walk now because the county just recently extended the trail to the road that leads to our subdivision. Up until about 3 months ago, we really had to drive over there because there was no easy (or safe) access on foot.

The walk involves going up a couple of large inclines–to call them hills would be an insult to real hills. I have to confess that I really struggled to get to the top of these inclines. I had the incentive that if I didn’t make it to the park, Charis would be highly disappointed. Then on the way home, well, we had to get home.

Many who read my blog know that I have struggled with being overweight for most of my life. However, despite that, I have been able to handle most physical activity with little problem. As an adult, I lost a lot of weight (the year I snagged Mark and married him). Since then, I have for a variety of reasons gained that back plus some. The last year we were in Oklahoma, I was exercising at a gym very regularly–4-6 times a week. While I didn’t lose lots of weight, I felt pretty good and it took quite a lot of activity for me to get winded.

This past year in St Louis, I have allowed myself to get more undisciplined than I have ever been with regard to exercise. I have done very little. I have gained even more weight, which is quite disturbing. But it is even more disturbing that I am now struggling to walk up a slightly inclined street. In the last couple of months, I have noticed feeling winded after climbing stairs, too. This has bothered me, and now I am even more bothered by today’s occurrence.

So I have purposed in my heart and mind to exercise more. I have been walking with a friend two mornings a week for the last few months, but I have to up the anty if I am going to be around to see my children grow up. For now, my goal is to keep up with the 2 mornings a week of walking, to go on a walk with Charis to the park twice a week, and to walk on the tread mill for 30 minutes twice a week. After a month, I will evaluate my progress. and determine how to proceed.

You should know that I have also started a diet. I won’t mention now which one it is, but I am working that angle as well.

If you read my blog, and you think of it, please keep me in prayer that I can be disciplined in this effort. Yes, I would love to be thinner and look better–who doesn’t want that? But ultimately, I want to preserve the basically good health I have had all my life and improve upon it for my future and for my family’s future.

3 thoughts on “A Desire to be Healthy”

  1. Jennifer,
    Good for you!!! I wish we were closer so that I could join you at the park and come along for the walks. I know you’ll do great. Sorry we weren’t able to get together yet. Will we still be able to catch a movie next week? Let me know. BTW, are you planning on going to the Women’s Get-Together at Rossama’s? I’m planning on being there, so hope to see you, too.
    Talk to you soon. Love ya, Michele

  2. I would think that having exercised regularly in the past it won’t take long to build up your strength.

    So, are you still writing school articles?

  3. Michele,

    Thanks for the encouragement.
    Sorry I haven’t called. Mark’s back now, so we can talk about getting together. I am planning to be at Rosama’s.

    Thanks to you too for the encouragement. I hope that what you say turns out to be true.
    Yes. I am still writing articles for the school. Several have been published in local papers, and a couple have been put in the statewide Lutheran paper. I hope to do more writing this winter/spring as I have quit my sales job. We shall see . . .

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