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After a bit of a dry spell, I at last have something to blog about. Our 4th grade boy, Calvin, had his acting debut yesterday at his school’s 3rd-4th grade musical. The name of the show was “The S Files.” “S” is for solutions, as the plot centers around a group of kids who find solutions to mysteries that are sent to them via e-mail.

The show had a very simple set with a desk and computer on the stage and a large screen down the center where the computer screen was projected so the audience could read their e-mails and also where background video could be played. The main actors (the kids who “solved mysteries”) were on the stage. Then, to the right of the stage, there was a large choir who sang upbeat fun songs in between each scene on the stage.

The mystery that the group had to solve came from Thomas2000 who wrote to ask about the real meaning of Christmas. They proceeded to investigate by searching the Scriptures and comparing the real meaning of Christmas to some of the more popular cultural practices of celebrating the holidays like shopping. It was pretty typical for a church-type children’s musical, but the children really worked hard and did a great job pulling it together.

Calvin played one of the solution seekers who acted on the stage. As a completely unbiased mother, I must say, he did a great job. All of the children did really well at remembering their lines and following cues. I was amazed at how well they did. It really went so well because the teachers and parent volunteers were organized and thorough and very patient with the children.

I liked the experience for Calvin for lots of reasons, but one thing that stood out to me was that none of the children were singled out. The recognition at the end did not place higher significance on the actors than on the choir, and the children didn’t seem to either. It was a real team effort, and I think the teachers and volunteers worked at making that the attitude among the kids.

On Monday, the kids take the show on the road to a local nursing home. I am also pleased with this as it gives Calvin an opportunity to reach out to the community.

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  1. Congragulations to Calvin! How we would love to have been there in person, but we’ll look forward to seeing the production on vidiotape when we visit. Mark did a remarkable job as well in his acting debut, also a musical, but he had to wait until he was in the 5th grade.

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