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I love interview shows on National Public Radio. I love to hear a musician or an author interviewed on one of their shows. I always feel so connected to the artist/author. Perhaps it’s the seious, low-volume voice of the interviewer that gets me. I don’t really know. I just know that over the years, I have heard interviews on NPR with an author or musician, and it wouldn’t be long before I wanted to own the book or cd (Often the interviews gave me great ideas for cd gifts for hard-to-buy for family members.)

It has happened again. I heard an interview last week with author Marilynne Robinson about her new book, Gilead. Now, since I am recently into reserving books at the library, I planned to reserve this one. However, instead, I told Mark it would make a nice Valentines Day gift for me, and voila, I own it. So far I am enjoying the book as much as I enjoyed the author’s interview.

First, I was drawn in by the lovely cover. Matte finish. Cool art. Good cover copy praising the author’s last novel. I confess, I am one who believes you can tell a book by it’s cover–especially a novel. But that’s another entry . . .

I hope to write more about this book when I am finished. In the meantime, if you want a good source for recommended reading, turn on your NPR station.

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  1. I heard the very end of this interview and wished I had heard it from the beginning.

    Regarding your previous blog, do you think “Wives and Daughters” is a movie Dad would enjoy, or just me? He did enjoy “Pride and Prejudice” more than he expected – or so he says.

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