My take on the latest news

Well, if you read Mark’s blog, you know we are now in St Louis. We have enjoyed being here for about 2 months, and we feel pretty settled. There are still some boxes to unpack stacked in the garage, but the majority of things have been assigned a place in our new home.

One of the best parts of our new situation is that we now have some of the modern conveniences that we were missing in rural OK. Here’s a list of small things I am thankful to have once again (although I have learned that you can live without):


2. Crystal clear water for washing clothes and everything else.

3 .Driving 2 minutes to the grocery store instead of 25.

4 .Driving 4 minutes to the pediatrician’s office instead of 25. (OK, you get the idea)

5. A free zoo and other great free activities for the kids.

6. A garbage disposal in the kitchen.

7. An attached garage with electricity and without rodents.

The list could go on. But I’ll stop. God is good.

6 thoughts on “My take on the latest news”

  1. I notice the water pressure is at the top of your list. I agree!

    It seems that doing without is the quickest way to really appreciate the things we take for granted — and to be properly thankful if and when we get them back.

  2. I’m really glad for your news Jennifer! I’m sure there are lots of things about St. Louis that make it a great place to be. Maybe one day my husband & I will pass through on I-70 on our way to somewhere. I’d love to worship at PRPC once in my lifetime. Hmmm… actually, I just remembered. My husband has a college friend in St. Louis. Hmmm…

  3. Barb,

    I hope you do make it out this way some time.

    Mom, yes, going without does make us the most thankful for things when we get them again.

  4. JAM,

    Your commmets are certainly ironic. I imagine that Alaska is much more pristine and beautiful than rural OK, too. I hope you continue to enjoy your time there.

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