School days

It’s that time again. We are all thinking about school starting, especially if we have kids. This year I will have 3 homeschool students. It will be a challenge, but I am sure in some ways it will be easier to have all 3 of the children at home for school. It will be nice to be on my own schedule, without the constraints of the local school’s schedule.

I am excited because today I found out that the gym Mark and I go to is planning a homeschool PE class. Last year I took the children to one that was part of a co-op we were in. It was a good class, but the drive was further than the one to our gym. Also, this will build in the time for me to use to work out, and they plan to offer parents of children in the class some sort of discount on their gym memberships.

3 thoughts on “School days”

  1. How wonderful! I am thrilled for you, and hope everyone in the family will enjoy their times at the gym. I will also be praying for eager little scholars in your school this fall. Happy School Days!!

  2. Wow, how exciting to venture in to this new area of homeschooling!! I am a bit anxious about homeschooling for the first time with Joey but Bridget will have preschool 3 afternoons a week and Gus naps. I may be emailing you desperately in mid-September for encouragement!!! Will you do Sonlight or WTM? That PE class sounds great!!

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