Day one

Today was Calvin’s first day of homeschooling. Although I was ill-prepared (partly due to some of my wonderful ebay-purchased curriculum not arriving yet), I felt the day went quite well overall. We got started with math, spelling, English, and penmanship. In the afternoon, all the children participated in a homeschool co-op PE class.

I am hopeful that things will continue to go smoothly. One day down, 179 to go!

4 thoughts on “Day one”

  1. Hoo-rah! Glad to hear it went well. Now, when you have a moment, jot down your philosophy of homeschooling and why you’re doing this. Stick it in a drawer. When you hit “one – of – those – days,” and you wonder why in the world you’re doing this, pull it out and review just why it is worthwhile. It has kept us going for many a year … (we started the school year yesterday, too, for our 8th and 11th graders).

  2. Mom,
    Thanks for the encouragement and prayers!

    Thanks for the encouragement. And the idea of creating a homeschool mission statement of sorts seems like a good one to me. I recently read about it, and thought, “As soon as I have a some extra time, I need to do that.” But seriously, I will try to make the time to do it. I can see where it might encourage me to go on when the “going gets tough.”

    One thing I didn’t mention in my entry was that I let Calvin ride his bike for 10 – 15 minutes after each lesson was completed. I think it did wonders for his ability to handle the work!

  3. Great job, Jennifer and Calvin! I have been praying that this would be a great school year for both of you. May you see much fruit from your scholastic efforts!

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