Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

charis-ev shoes home.jpgOur 4-year-old daughter loves shoes. This passion for footwear started early–shortly after she turned one. This photo demonstrates her need to bring up her little sister indocrinated to love shoes. She often says, as she did before this photo was taken, “Mommy, can we put shoes on the baby just to be pretty?” (I imagine some of you may notice that the shoe lover herself is not wearing any in the photo.)

6 thoughts on “Shoes, Shoes, Shoes”

  1. Cute! Since you’ve posted your picture, I can see a lot of you in Evangeline’s face. A bit of Mark too but very much you.

  2. Your girls are beautiful! Tell Evangeline she did a great job making her sister extra pretty. 🙂

    I wonder if Claire will turn into a fashion diva once she becomes a toddler. Her grammy buys her such swanky outfits and shoes. Between grammy and hand-me-downs, she has as many shoes as I do, and I’ve taken a decade to build my collection.

  3. Valerie — I often call Evangeline “Imelda.”

    Laurel — I think the biggest danger sign that you have a shoe diva in the making is a fascination with grown up shoes. When Evangeline started to walk, she loved “trying on” all the shoes she could find in the house.

    Dawn — I confess that the love for shoes may be hereditary. I have always had more shoes than any one person needs. So your concern that there will be problems in the teenage years is well-founded!

    Beth — Thanks for the congratts!

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