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I am interested in finding out more about ADHD. I have read some articles on the web, and they all seem to say the same thing. I am looking for some good resources that won’t require me to search endlessly on-line with my excruciatingly slow dial-up modem. (Cable is not available in our little chunk of America’s heartland.) In the past, I always assumed it was a bunch of educational gobbledy-gook. I am not so sure now. If you have thoughts or know of good resources on the subject, please feel free to share them with me here.

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  1. Jenn,

    I have no studied knowledge of ADD/ADHD but my wife was repeatedly told that her son (now my step-son) was ADD or ADHD and she refused to buy it. As an alternative she decided to try the Fiengold Diet which elimates certain artificial coloring and food w/ salicylites (sp?), a natural occuring chemical. This has helped to curb, alhough not entirely eleminate, behaviours such as lack of attentiveness, excessive hyper-activity, etc. I’ve heard success stories from this route and stories that it didn’t work. For us it’s been beneficial.

    I’m not sure if that was anything you’re interested in but I thought I’d throw it out.

    – Brian

  2. Brian,
    Thanks for the input. I am familiar with the Fiengold diet from years ago when my nephew was on it. I am not opposed to trying some diet things (although it would be very difficult). Also, I should mention that I am generally opposed to chemical treatment (ie. Ritalin). However, I am not sure I was right to always “throw out the baby with the bathwater” regarding the realities of ADHD, as I often did in the past when hearing about it. Really, that is why I am hoping to find some good, trustworthy resources to read before making any decisions about what to do in our child’s case.

  3. On the baby bandwagon…We’re praying for a healthy delivery. Can’t wait to hear some news!

  4. You can find good information at:

    ADD/ADHD is something real, but not worth medicating with medication. It’s nothing new, technology and institutionalness of today’s modern times has only made it more apparent.

    It’s not a particular wrong thing, either, just a different way of being. My family is full of this kind of ADD/ADHD stuff. Homeschooling is right for it, as is doing that accoring to the persons learning style.

    ADD/ADHD people tend to be creative, but there is a wide gamut of what each person goes through, how they relate to things, think, see, etc. The end result may all look the same, distracted, disorganized, etc. But it’s more complicated inside the heads of these people.

    Girls are like this, not just boys. In girls it just “appears” to be different. Why’s that? I say it’s because God made girls and boys differently, so of course the “ADD/ADHD” kind of thing will look differnet in a girl, as compared to a boy.

    The link I provided above is to lots of good information on looking at ADD/ADHD from a different perspective. Attentional Differences is one way to talk about it.

    []Modulated minds are the “norm” in human-beings. Non-modulated minds are on the fringes — these are the ADD/ADHD people, and also people that aren’t pegged as such, but exibit a different way of living from “the norm”. Three types of nine degrees … that’s the interesting part of it all. I’m generally a 2.3 Girls are often in the 2 category. This is the hypo/hyper slot, basically, which explains why girls may not have diagnosis for ADD/ADHD as often as boys. Hyperactivity may be physical, or maybe be mental. For me, it’s mental. And for me, the site that I’m referring to opened up a vast supply of answers to things I already theorized or wondered about.

    I have a boy who’s 7, he’s hyperactive physically in the matrix of 1.something; A girl who’s 4, she’s dreamy, in the matrix of 2.something; I’m a 2.3, creative, totally disorganized, hypo thinking, or hyper thinking, obsessive at times, compulsively obsessive and very intense if I’m interested in something. When nothing is interesting, that’s hypo, it looks like depression, but isn’t really that. All it takes is something to stimulate the mind, and that’s all it takes to get out the hypo mode. The thing about that is, you never know until it happen as to what that trigger is. Also, being inconsistent with my completion of things … ever the inconsistent perfectionist.

    For hyperactive physicalness, how one gets to clearing out the fuzziness is the same kind of thing … somewhat it seems to be that the actual behaviors of that, are the person acting out to get their brain into a clear mode.

    A fuzzy brain is itchy. Hyper focusing clears that up. For some, the thinking is what clears it up, for others, the physical activity is what clears it up.

    If my son gets crazy inside, I send him out to the back yard to run laps. It helps tremendously. He’s a nice guy after that. That’s an example.

    The right diet helps, as many with these symptoms also do have a sensitivity to drugs and types of food. Sugar is processed differently too, so you may see thing improve if you treat a person with this as if they need to eat for hypoglycemia.

    Avoid processed sugar, eat whole foods. Find the child’s learning style, and homeschool. Institutional learning may work for some people, but everyone can benefit from homeschooling, and for some it’s the only thing that really works well, and for everyone it will work well if the parents educate with the learning style each child needs.

  5. Are you guys the Hornes that knew my Aunt and Uncle, Judy and Ted Lester, in Woodstock? Aunt Judy is a specialist in that sort of thing, as well as being soldily grounded in the faith. You might find her helpful. So as not to violate her privacy, I’ll assume that you know how to find her if you are the right Hornes. Otherwise, leave me a blog comment; the email I left was bogus.

  6. Yes. Mark knows Ted from atttending his church years ago. However, we don’t have an e-mail address for them. If you wouldn’t mind e-mailing it to us at, we would appreciate it.

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