After my post of a few days ago about enjoying Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queen, I now have to admit, I need Edmund Spenser for Dummies. Mark says that our Red Cross Knight story book for the children qualifies. But seriously, does anyone know if there are Cliff notes for Spenser. I need some help with following the story line.

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  1. hi there. just surfing the web and came across this request for cliff notes. if you are not already reading Roy Maynard’s updated spelling version of the Faerie Queene, it is excellent. He includes notes for study and makes the whole thing rather more easy. This is published by Canon Press and titled “Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves” book one of the Faerie Queene. I read it to a bunch of 4th graders and they loved it! But I couldn’t have done it without this edition. For what it’s worth…

    Lara Butler

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