This fall, I have focused most of my reading time on freshmen compositions for the class that I teach. I have, however, started a few new books. I have hopes of finishing them in the next couple of months. My most recent addition is A House for My Name by Peter Leithart. Now, I know many of the 10 or so people who read my blog have already read this or plan to. But I still wanted to comment on it. I picked up a copy at my in-laws’ house when we were visiting last month, and the preface made me want to read the book. In this rare instance, I know the author. So when I say that reading the preface made me feel like Peter was in the room talking to me, I know it is true. All of this is to say that I think the best thing about the book is its accessibility. Peter is a really bright man. He often speaks over my head. So it is not that the content is lightweighted, but it is presented in a way that is enjoyable to read, and, therefore, easier to understand. I will say that having read Jim Jordan’s
Through New Eyes in the past (and having heard Mark teach the concepts of TNE countless times over the past 11 years) probably makes the material more familiar to me, but the tone of the book is just excellent. How nice it is to pick up a book about the Bible that is not dry, but is provacative as well as enjoyable.

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  1. I was at the Trinity Advance Conference down in Florida this past weekend and I saw a lot of Leithart’s books. Rev. Derick McDonald has been using A House for My Name for our OT survey class, but his literary commentaries are what really caught my eye. I didn’t have the money for the books, so I didn’t buy them. However, when I do buy books, they will be some of the first that I do buy. The idea of an admitted Christian, scholarly look at literature as a valid perspective in literary criticism caused me to think and do a doubletake. What he has done has really inspired me to continue in what he is doing.

  2. I’ll read your blog if you’ll read mine!

    I’m reading Leithart for the first time thanks to Theologia. I love the essays Theologia makes available and based on those articles I recently bought “The Kingdom and the Power”. It’s several years old so I guess I’m playing catch-up!

  3. Barb, I’m no scholar, but I loved “The Kingdom and the Power.” “A House for My Name” is very different but just as good — wish I’d read it long ago.

  4. I really, really, liked A House for My Name. I had never read a book that systematically explained the consistant metaphors in the Old Testament before.

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