1st grade humor

I dropped the boys off at school today, and I had to go into the school office on a PTO errand. While I was in the school, Calvin’s teacher saw me and said, “Congratulations!” It took a minute for it to register that she was congratulating me on our expecting our 4th child. She went on to say, “Calvin told us about it at show and tell last Friday. He said, ‘I’m going to have a baby.’ One of his classmates, Jesse (whose mother had a baby last year), responded, ‘Well, you don’t look pregnant.'” Calvin’s teacher didn’t tell us how he reacted, but I am sure he got sort of embarassed, and said something like, “Well, I mean my mom is going to have a baby.”

2 thoughts on “1st grade humor”

  1. Dear, sweet Calvin! I hope he wasn’t too embarassed. He will be a wonderful brother for “his” new baby.

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