Funny comment regarding Trading Spaces

In the last few weeks, attendance at our Sunday night Bible study at church has been iffy. Now, you need to realize that regular attendance has never soared beyond 10. So we are not in crisis. But we have been a bit discouraged by no one coming in 2 of the last 4 weeks. Last night was one of those no-show nights.

Mark and I tried to put a positive spin on the evening by using the hour we would have normally spent at Bible study to get started on a little project we need to complete soon. We are turning one of the unused Sunday school rooms into an infant nursery. We have one baby at church now, and a new one coming soon. In a couple of weeks, we plan to offer nursery care for the infants during Sunday school, so we need a room where this can be done. So we decided to move out all the Sunday school furniture, so the room would be ready for its renovation. As we were moving the furniture, our 4-year-old son said, “This is just likeTrading Spaces.” Then our 6-year-old corrected him, “No, it is more like Home Invaders.”

You have to be a fan of these shows to understand the humor in this. Sorry for wasting your time if you have no idea what this refers to.

3 thoughts on “Funny comment regarding Trading Spaces”

  1. We have a prayer meeting on Sunday nights that is likewise sparsely attended. I used to be pretty regular, but after several weeks of there being only two people there — myself and whichever elder or deacon is leading, which I find a little uncomfortable — or no one at all showing up, I just haven’t been going. It’s frustrating to me that more people can’t be bothered to show up for things like this.

  2. Kristen,

    I have to agree. They crack me up too. Although, I have to wonder if I am watching these home improvement shows a little too much? 😉

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