xmas01Pokey (58k image)I got some pictures back from Christmas tonight. I thought it would be fun to put a picture of our new puppy on my blog. So here he is. Isn’t he cute? I had planned to put a link to webshots so you could go see some of our other Christmas photos, but webshots server was down. So perhaps tomorrow I’ll do that.

5 thoughts on “Pokey”

  1. I can see why the kids can’t resist hugging him constantly!! What a little cutie! I hope he’s not making too much mischief. A monster-sized bag of rawhide chews will help curb the chewing habit.

  2. Laurel,

    Pokey’s chewing is lessening. We have given him a rawhide bone that he likes, and another friend recommended a booda bone, which he doesn’t like as much. What is more bothersome is his nipping. I have tried, at the recommendation of Puppies for Dummies, spraying him with a water bottle when he nips at my pantlegs. It has helped. But the nipping has made it harder to work with him and the children getting along. He just goes after Evangeline without concern. Mark has used a leash to give them some time together, pulling back Pokey when he nips too much. But we haven’t done this enough. I will say, having a new puppy is something like taking care of another child.

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