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A Brief Response to Rev Richard Bacons Opposition to Paedocommunion by Mark Horne
A Response to Rev Bacons Argument that Manna was not a Sacrament by Mark Horne
Admission Into the Church by Mark Horne
Analogies to Baptism by Peter Leithart
Baptism and the Church by Peter Leithart
Baptism of Orphans by Charles Hodge -- 1 Comment
Baptism, Symbols, & Faith by Mark Horne -- 4 Comments
Baptismal Efficacy & the Reformed Tradition: Past, Present, & Future by Rich Lusk -- 5 Comments
Baptismal Theology Within Reformed Evangelicalism by Mark Horne
Calvin and the Efficacy of Infant Baptism by Rich Lusk -- 3 Comments
Calvin on Baptism, Penance, & Absolution by Rich Lusk -- 4 Comments
Can Baptism Do Anything? by Mark Horne -- 5 Comments
Defense of the Baptismal Liturgy by John Nevin
Do I Believe in Baptismal Regeneration? (offsite) by Rich Lusk -- 1 Comment
Do This As My Memorial by Mark Horne -- 1 Comment
Faith, Baptism, and Justification by Rich Lusk -- 3 Comments
First-Fruits & Foretaste of the Kingdom by Scott Collins-Jones
For the Children’s Sake (Paedocommunion) by Rich Lusk -- 1 Comment
How To Encourage Our Children to Believe the Gospel by Mark Horne -- 2 Comments
Is God the God of Mature Professing Christians Only? (offsite) by Mark Horne
Jesus’ Baptism: The Fount of Life by Rich Lusk -- 2 Comments
John Calvin & Paedocommunion by Mark Horne -- 4 Comments
Majority Report in Favor of Paedocommunion by 1988 OPC Study Committee -- 2 Comments
Paedocommunion & the Three Forms of Unity (offsite) by Tim Gallant
Passover, Paedocommunion, & Dr. Gentry (offsite) by Mark Horne
Preface to The Mystical Presence by John Nevin -- 1 Comment
Quest for a Converting Ordinance by Mark Horne
Sacramental Assurance & Westminster by Mark Horne
Sacramental Efficacy by Peter Leithart -- 1 Comment
Sacraments Offsite Links by Mark Horne
Samuel Miller, Baptism, and Covenant Theology by Mark Horne
Short Treatise on the Holy Supper of our Lord Jesus Christ by John Calvin
Some Thoughts on the Means of Grace by Rich Lusk
The Contemplative Shape of Calvin by Michael J. Pahls -- 1 Comment
The Meal That Kills by Mark Horne
The Politics of Baptism (offsite) by Peter Leithart
The Theology of the 1986 PCA Majority Report on Paedocommunion: A Review and Critique (offsite) by Jonathan Barlow
The Westminster Standards and Sacramental Efficacy by Mark Horne
Theses On Baptism by Zacharias Ursinus
This Is What We Are by Mark Horne
Trying to be Objective by Mark Horne
What Is Meant by the Spiritual Presence of Christ in the Lords Supper by David Bromlow -- 1 Comment
What’s For Dinner? by Mark Horne
Why Baptize Babies? by Mark Horne -- 1 Comment
Why Do We Baptize? by Mark Horne -- 2 Comments
Why I Did Not Baptize My Daughter by Mark Horne -- 4 Comments
Why Sacraments Are Not Signs (offsite) by Peter Leithart
Why the Sacraments Are Not Means of Grace (offsite) by Peter Leithart
You and Your Son and Daughter by Mark Horne -- 4 Comments