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10 things a church can do to change the world by Mark Horne -- 4 Comments
A Visionary Ecclesiology by Rich Lusk
Against Christianity (offsite) by Peter Leithart
Aiming At Shalom by Rich Lusk -- 1 Comment
Calvin on the Pastor and Community by Rich Lusk
Catholic Unity by John Nevin -- 1 Comment
Charles Hodge’s Deficient Idea of the Church by Mark Horne
Church Membership of Ministers by Charles Hodge
Church Offsite Links by Mark Horne
Comment on the Nature of a Church Constitution by Charles Hodge
Concerning the Ministry of the Church by Zacharias Ursinus
Discipleship and the Church (offsite) by Rich Lusk
Do RC Clergy Count as Gospel Ministers? by Charles Hodge
From Public Church to Private Christian (offsite) by Rich Lusk
German Theology and the Church Question by Philip Schaff
Heads of Household Membership and Male-Only Voting in the Church (offsite) by Mark Horne
How To Encourage Our Children to Believe the Gospel by Mark Horne -- 2 Comments
Is the Church of Rome a Part of the Visible Church by Charles Hodge
Jus Divinum by Richard Hooker
Law and Gospel in Presbyterianism by Mark Horne -- 1 Comment
May We Prohibit Term Eldership? by Ned Stonehouse
Ministers and Ruling Elders Do Not Occupy the Same Office by Mark Horne
Of the Church by Mark Horne
Peter Leithart’s “Against Christianity” (offsite) by Travis Tamerius
Presbyterianism by Charles Hodge
Quickie Introduction to the New Perspective by Mark Horne
Should Ruling Elders Ordain Ministers by Charles Hodge
The Centrality of Justification by Mark Horne
The Centrality of Preaching by Mark Horne
The Children of Christians Are Christians by Mark Horne -- 2 Comments
The Ministry in the New Testament by Harald Riesenfeld -- 3 Comments
The Old Testament Precursor to the Pastor by Mark Horne -- 3 Comments
The Pastorate and The Presbytery by Mark Horne
The PCA and the New Perspective on Paul by Rich Lusk
The Relation of Ministers To Ruling Elders by Edmund Clowney
The Rights of Ruling Elders by Charles Hodge
The World is Built on Faith by Mark Horne
Trust & Obey by Mark Horne -- 2 Comments
Turretin & Pictet on Christian Infants by Mark Horne
What is Presbyterianism? by Mark Horne -- 1 Comment
What Is Presbyterianism? (offsite) by Charles Hodge