Born to be wild

Continuing some photohistory.


My parents, my brother (or one of my nephews–you probably can’t tell at this resolution but the resemblance is striking) and me sometime in Liberia, West Africa. I’m guessing 1978. Yes, one time a taxi driver did yell out his window at us: “Overload.”

4 thoughts on “Born to be wild

  1. Mom/Ruth

    Mark, this had to be late 1973 soon after we arrived or possibly early 1974. By 1978 we were back in the U.S. and could not possibly have used the Vespa as a 4-passenger vehicle. Do you actually remember riding this way?

  2. mark Post author

    I even remember being yelled at by the taxi driver.

    But for some reason I had extended the years in my head. I knew it included the bicentenniel.


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