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When Did Fear Take the Driver’s Seat in Amerika?

I have Chris’s feed in my google reader, so I was led to this story in Boing Boing expecting a horror story about a school suspension.  No.  It was worse.  The police were called and a case was opened.  Because of an evil fourth grade super-villian with a broken pencil sharpener.

But then, at the bottom of that Boing Boing entry was another post that led to this interview with a man and his family terrorized and gunpoint by intruders who shot and killed their family pets.  Of course, they were police.

In America, we enjoy incredible health and prosperity (even in the middle of an economic slowdown).  Does anyone really think that this use of police power contributes an iota to this?  Why is paranoia about worst case scenarios (school violence/ drugs) allowed to justify such insane and dangerous terror tactics? (Yes, putting a fourth grader in front of an officer of the law counts.)

The quest for absolute safety means no one is.

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    Ooooh. “I do town meetings while you only do talk shows.” I’m sure that will send Fred T. plummeting in the polls. You need a new writer.

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    Actually, they billed someone who allowed herself to be listed as an emergency contact.

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    “When Emerson decided, in 1832, that he could no longer celebrate the Lord’s Supper unless the bread and wine were removed…” Why did I not know about this?

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    Great commentary on the PCA; inspired by Reggie Kidd’s commentary

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    On Wright and the PCA report: “for the evil of internal strife is worse than united war in the same proportion as war itself is worse than peace”

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    I have no idea.

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    This sounds about right.

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    I find this unbelievable.

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