When the Ministry of Truth lies for the Ministry of Peace to get us ready to lose more

We have totally lost in Afghanistan. The only reason it still goes on is that there is no military draft. If people were being conscripted into this bloody, corrupt mess, there would be a popular will to stop it.

So, the lies keep being pumped out to justify the next spending spree and the next collection of body bags.

Listen to the interview (the first three minutes, anyway). The Taliban occupy as much territory as the did on 9/11 but we just need to send in our military and push for “a political strategy.”

Listen to the interview and then read Peter Van Buren’s column, “How To Sustain Perpetual War (It’s Easy, Hide the Bodies).

A lot of conservatives our outraged at how veterans were abused in the VA system. That interview should outrage you much more and for the same reason.

As it stands, we will being listening to the same story from NPR in a decade. And a decade after that.

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