When babies have authority

If you put together everything that Paul says about the characteristics of children and the need to grow up, I think we can glean the following:

  • Children need to be under authority, rather than be given authority.
  • Children who are given freedom/authority are prone to be exploited by bad teachers and leaders.
  • Children who want to stay that way have a tendency to resent and persecute those who are growing up.
  • Adults should grow up but there is a temptation to attempt to remain a child; and many succumb to it.
  • Remaining a child is really not an option; one can only choose between growing up and becoming warped beyond human recognition.

This last is in our fairy tales. Think¬†Pinocchio’s¬†choice to either become a real son or else turn into a donkey.

One might profitably meditate what might happen to an institution–whether a business, a nation, a world order, or a denomination in the Church–that came under the control of people who did not grow up.

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