The Greater Miracle

Situation seems hopeless. Needs are overwhelming.

Why doesn’t God act? Why doesn’t he change everything around?

But he doesn’t. And when we think about this, it is all over the Bible. God knocks down the walls of Jericho, but then there are plenty of other battles that are won or lost on strategy and numbers. Jesus calms the storm for his disciples, but makes Peter suffer through one to the point of swimming for his life. The disciples are miraculously rescued from prison but only after they have been captured and beaten.

God’s power and glory is displayed in amazing and impossible deliverances. If that was all that mattered to Him, perhaps we would see more of them.

But what if God is concerned with our glory? What if he wants us to do amazing things? What if his ultimate miracle is the way he changes  us by Christ and the Spirit to do works beyond our imagining? And what if the greater “miracle” is that these things are accomplished by “natural” means–us.

And these things, seemingly impossible, would be nauseating to contemplate. We would never do them were we not confronted with impossible situations for which we pray for deliverance. And then pass through them and find the deliverance arrives in doing so…

We pray for God to do great things and yet perhaps his greater miracle is to lead us to do great things.

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