I’ve stomached perusing some of these documents (some, thank God, not all) and am nothing short of appalled and embarrassed. How God’s people could use God’s money and God’s time to attack God’s man and on such comparatively inconsequential errors (if errors they be) is nothing short of ecclesial malpractice. I’m an acquaintance and not a close friend of Peter’s and I’m no partisan for his distinctive ecclesiology, sacramentolgy and liturgics.  I don’t have an axe to grind with anybody — except people who waste time on trivialities while Western civilization burns.

Note: Peter believes the Bible from cover to cover; believes historic Christian orthodoxy; believes in justification by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone; believes that the Faith should pervade all of culture; loves the church; loves his wife and children; lives a Christian life above reproach; preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Apparently, that’s insufficient for the “prosecutors.”


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