Gary North v. Dave Ramsey, a few unscripted thoughts for a first “On your Mark” podcast


Gary North’s article

One of Mish’s more recent posts (one of many) questioning inflation and showing evidence for deflation

I mentioned Eloi and Morlocks without much explanation.

And here is the Peter Schiff appearance on Kudlow and Co. that made me think of the analogy with the H. G. Wells scenario. Of course, Schiff’s opponents were accounting for factors that Schiff seems to have underestimated (how will foreign markets do when America’s economy crashes). But Schiff saw what was coming and analyzed the con job that America’s government/banker combine has pulled on the rest of the world via a fiat reserve currency.

One minor explanation on many things that I may not have spelled out well enough: “the boy who cried wolf” is not a direct reference to Schiff or North or any other one person, but to the “economy is about to crash” publishing/newsletter industry as a whole. As far as I know, Schiff’s wolf-detector has never been premature.

3 thoughts on “Gary North v. Dave Ramsey, a few unscripted thoughts for a first “On your Mark” podcast

  1. Scott Moonen

    Hey, Mark. For what it’s worth, reading is better for me than listening. Commute time is Jordan time for me right now. And it’s easier for me to eke out time to read something (even if I have to leave a tab open for a week or two before I get to it) than to give undivided attention to a podcast. Somehow I haven’t yet mastered the art of sitting in front of a computer and not feeling guilty for just listening to something.

    Plus it’s easier to bookmark something that’s written; I feel like I can make more profitable use of it later.

    Also, this is a general observation about podcasts, but I feel like writing tends to go through a more careful editing process than the average podcast. As such, a 15-minute podcast could often be a 7-minute podcast or a 5-minute read. There are two advantages there: that time savings is multiplied by the size of your audience; and the argument or message can often be honed into something more direct and compelling.

    On the other hand, maybe I’m just a curmudgeon and need to get with the times. 🙂 Don’t make any changes purely on my account.

  2. mark Post author

    All right. Arguably my podcasts will be better with a script anyway, so if I continue after tonight, there will always be a real blog post as well.


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