What is Covenant Theology by Ligon Duncan

Covenant theology flows from the trinitarian life and work of God. God’s covenant communion with us is modeled on and a reflection of the intra-trinitarian relationships. The shared life, the fellowship of the persons of the Holy Trinity, what theologians call perichoresis or circumincessio, is the archetype of the relationship the gracious covenant God shares with His elect and redeemed people. God’s commitments in the eternal covenant of redemptive find space-time realization in the covenant of grace.

J. Ligon Duncan III, PhD

Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church

via What is Covenant Theology by Ligon Duncan.

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  1. Derrick

    “1b. TE Meyers believes ‘the triune God is the archetype of all covenantal relations’ (Joint Federal Vision Profession [JFVP], 2). This is contrary to the Standards which state that the covenant is a way by which God voluntarily condescends to man so that man can have God as His blessedness (WCF 7.1).”

    “How TE Jeffrey Myers [sic] Opposes the Westminster Standards” attached to the Letter of Concern, TE Wes White et. al.

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