Or maybe the classification system is just more caste guesswork

Kids, who are gifted with one talent or the other, are just as likely to fail in life as succeed, revealed a new study.

As part of one of the most extensive studies carried out, research found that out of 210 gifted children, only 3% were found to fulfil their early promise.

Professor Joan Freeman, said that of 210 children in her study, “maybe only half a dozen might have been what we might consider conventionally successful.”

via Gifted kids as prone to failure as to success – Lifestyle – DNA.

The whole rest of the article is nothing but anecdotes and speculation. The firm data is that the classification given to a child in the education system is worthless for the purposes of knowing anything about your child’s future.

How many children are classified at the other end and fail throughout life because they are led to think that they will?

Again: take the red pill.

One thought on “Or maybe the classification system is just more caste guesswork

  1. Valerie (Kyriosity)

    To repeat a Facebook status I wrote a few weeks ago, I’m waiting for a reality show called “America’s Got Work Ethic.” Talent’s just not all it’s cracked up to be.

    The really “gifted” kids, it seems to me, are the ones who have the gift of good parents who invest in training and educating their kids.


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