Romans, Righteousness, and Psalm 98

I suggest that the content of Ps 98:1-3 was clearly in Paul’s mind when he dictated Rom 1:16-17 to Tertius. Paul mentions power in Rom 1:16 under the influence of the phrase his right hand in Ps 98:1b. God’s right hand is a classic Old Testament symbol of God’s power (e.g., Exod 15:6; Ps 20:6; 89:13). Paul also mentions salvation in Rom 1:16 under the influence of Ps 98:1b-2a where the root ישׁע (conveying the idea of salvation) appears twice. His mention of to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek is an exposition of the phrase in the sight of the nations, which occurs first in the clause in Ps 98:2b. This then leads naturally into his reference to the righteousness of God in Rom 1:17, which comes straight from the wording he has revealed his righteousness in Ps 98:2b.

Read the whole (excellent) thing at Berith Road: The Significance of Psalm 98 for Understanding the Righteousness of God in Romans 1:17.

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