Thus Saith the LORD

A minister who preaches on the authority and infallibility of Scripture is often accused of being arrogant, said one pastor. Such criticism, however, is withheld from someone who sits on a stool in a cardigan and chats with the congregation, telling personal stories.

Criticizing the latter form, Doug Wilson, pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, made the case for the preacher who declares “thus saith the Lord.”

“A minister should ascend into the pulpit in order to declare what would have been true had he never been born. He is there to preach what was written in the Word before all ages and is utterly disconnected from his personal dreams, hopes and aspirations,” Wilson said at the Desiring God Ministries’ national conference in Minneapolis on Saturday. “A minister is not up there to develop a relationship with everybody individually.”

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One thought on “Thus Saith the LORD

  1. Paul Baxter

    That opening quote was the most interesting part to me. Personal (or other sort of) stories have an amazingly subversive quality to them. I remember around my freshman year of college struggling with the issue of whether there could ever be a justified lie. It wasn’t really a struggle at all until I read a story in a Keith Miller devotional book about how his attempt to be “honest” about a situation resulted in a major lapse in love. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have listened very carefully to more direct arguments had I not read that story first.


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