Since you’re not a Harvard Prof who is personally friends with the Prez, no one cares.

Here is the news story.

Here is some commentary: The Plague of Punitive Populism. Of course the “perps” (the official name for victims of government torture) are being heavily charged.

When the pregnant daughter-in-law of the victim intervenes, she, too, is forced to perform the “electron dance.” The grandfather is charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication, despite the fact that Virginia state statutes specify that such offenses cannot be committed on one’s own property.

The woman who came to the aid of the first victim was charged with “assaulting an officer,” since her brave effort to protect the grandfather from a criminal assault involved placing her unhallowed hands on the sanctified personage of a “law enforcement officer.” Such presumption simply cannot be tolerated.

I’m deleting my own commentary (that I just wrote) and doing breathing exercises to calm down.  Then I’m singing Psalm 2 (pdf).

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