Don’t forget January 3

I know it is easy to be distracted by Christmas and everything, but don’t forget about Covenant Radio!

And, more specifically, mark your calendars for the night of January 16 3 (sorry, for the Ayn Rand allusion; I can’t help myself) when I will be interviewed regarding my new bookl.

My book

One thought on “Don’t forget January 3

  1. Neil Jeffers


    I am an Anglican minister in the UK, recently left Oak Hill College.
    I’ve been trying to get hold of your new book from the Athanasius Press website, but it doesn’t seem to like overseas orders, and when I e-mail it always gets sent back.
    “Why Baptize Babies?” would be a great help to me and many friends recently or still at Oak Hill.
    Could you please advise me how to get hold of it?


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