Instead of more mobile phones, why not an iVidcam?

maxheadroom.jpgRemember Max Headroom?–a show I am not ashamed to call awesome, the first (only?) cyberpunk show we ever got on TV.

Well, I’m not thinking of AI comedy.  I’m thinking of the news show.  Remember?  The protagonist was a journalist who lugged around his own camera and it gave immediate feed.  He was also connected to an operator who was online giving him information (like maps, etc).

Right now, the model for mobile handhelds is to make a great phone and electronic organizer and attach it to a third rate camera?  But why not make a video recorder that can connect to both mobile services and wi-fi (and WiMAX whenit is deployed) so that people can instantly stream video to the web?  Then ad a phone capacity (which, if it could use wi-fi through skype.  Put a small web cam at the other end so you could do head shot commentary without (like in the show) turning the whole thing around and pointing it at yourself.

I don’t know why I’m blogging about this.  I just think that when you think about the tiny size of laptops and phones and the way video cameras have shrunk that it should be possible to make something really sleek and powerful-a video camera you could use for all sorts of purposes.

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