Goals page gone for now

I don’t want this to be a silent edit. Recent developments have changed my schedule beyond recognition and it will be awhile before I can figure out new goals to meet.

One thing that has been life changing forever is to refusing to rubberneck the pile-ups on the information superhighway (or misinformation, rather)–that is, simply ceasing to browse the ani-FV jihad as it is represented on the internet. For the first time in over two months I looked in on the cesspool and it was just as awful as before. The only difference was that this time I had two months or more of peace to remember and to want back.

So I’m back. Let the dead bury their dead. Move on.

2 thoughts on “Goals page gone for now

  1. Troy

    I think that’s great. I can easily get sucked into the vortex as well and I have slowly broke the habit of viewing the jihad crud. I quit and found my time to be so much more productive. Keep it up! Thanks,

  2. Jim Irwin

    You may have noticed this, since you play with words all the time, but the word goal is awfully like gaol which the archaic spelling for jail.
    I guess one has to be flexible in life–I’ve had to shelve many goals and dreams due to the tyranny of the immediate.


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