Anyone else lose video?

UPDATE COMMENT: OK, I downloaded and reinstalled quicktime and I still can view nothing, including flash games. I have no idea what to do.

My iBook downloaded an update of quicktime and now none of my browsers show video anymore. I get just a picture of a faded q icon and a question mark. Even Safari does this for me, which makes no sense at all.

5 thoughts on “Anyone else lose video?

  1. Jeff Meyers

    Mark, when’s the last time you repaired your disk permissions using Disk Utility? Look for it in Applications>Utilities. Open it up and run the “repair disk permissions.” Ideally, you should do this EVERY time you install a new program on your HD.

  2. Shawn Doud

    Firefox for OS X seems to work pretty seamlessly. They even have an odd on that lets you choose when to see flash animations. A little play symbol appears in every flash app window in sidebars, youtube windows, etc.

    Once I get home from vacation I look forward to leaving the PC behind and using a new macbook as my main ministry/work computer. I’m already breathing easy thinking about it!!

    Thanks for the links a few weeks ago on the Leithart/FV issues.


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