Always happy to win a convert!

Hey Mark, thank you for your recommendation that I take the plunge into the Mac world. I have had my Mac for two months now and I continue to grow in my appreciation of it. I had been a PC man for 15 years and the idea of crossing over initially frightened me. But you were right when you told me that Macs runs themselves and it wouldn’t be long before I learned the ropes. It is the first time in 15 years that I have felt like my computer works for me instead of me having to work around my computer. Thanks again.

I love getting this kind of feedback. Believe it or not, I’m not really a machead. If you’re looking for a bargain for your desktop, you can consider pcs and still be rational.

But when someone tells me (as this PCA pastor did) they are looking for a laptop. I simply have not found anything that compares to an apple. In terms of size, weight, and battery life alone, they are amazing. (My iBook also has great sound but someone told me that they were surprised to find the macbook was not quit as good.)

If you are looking for a laptop, you should certainly consider making the switch. Now, with google docs ready to open Office docs for you, I’m not even sure you will need to buy Microsoft Office right away.

3 thoughts on “Always happy to win a convert!

  1. Bobber

    To think PC vs. Mac is a bit of a misnomer these days. I think what you mean to say is Windows (or as I like to call it: Windoze) vs PC. The reason for this distinction of course is that Linux runs on PCs. That’s right, you are not restricted to one operating system on a PC anymore. And now that Dell is selling systems preloaded with Linux (both desktops and Laptops), this would definitly be considered a viable alternative (and less expensive than a Mac).

    Google docs? Well that’s cool but what about Open Office? And considering the Micro$oft is gathering personal data in Vista, does any conservative Christain pastor (or anyone for that matter) feel safe using their products??

  2. mark Post author

    I almost mentioned open office, which is available for the mac as NeoOffice. I didn’t, however, because I am not up to date on whether open office can still function with the new version of Microsoft Office. Do you know?

    (By the way, I’ve always been partial to the WordPerfect office suite, but they dropped Mac awhile back.)

  3. Bobber

    I meant to say Windows vs MAC above.

    I was not aware of NeoOffice. It appears to be an optimized form of Open Office (which is also available for MAC).

    There is somewhat of a battle going on regarding the new M$ Office format and the ODF format used by Open Office. The state of Massachusetts has passed a law mandating all government documents use the ODF format. Other states have attempted to do the same thing but Micro$oft lobbying has thwarted these efforts.

    More info on ODF…

    But I think it is important for everyone to take note that personal information is being collected by the Vista OS. I have not read if Office 2007 is also collecting any data. But why take a chance on this? And Google has also shown an interest in collecting personal data.
    You are really much safer using Open Source applications. The source code is there for the world to see. Any funny business can immediately be spotted and fixed or changed.

    Anyone who would like to try Linux on your laptop (even on the new Macs) can download a live CD version. This is a complete OS which runs from a single CD rom. No need to install it unless you want to use it all the time. But testing it from the live CD is a no brainer. I suggest
    using Mepis for those who are unfamiliar with Linux.


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