Striving for average?

OK, it hit me this morning that I have done something insane. I have blogged about preaching. Worse, I think I’m going to do it again. I’ve even added a category.

Well, just for the record, this doesn’t mean I think I’m a great preacher. One of the things I think that keeps preachers from being good as they can be is assuming that they can be just like some really great preacher. But the odds are, you can’t. The majority of preachers will all be average. By definition.

And that’s OK because, no matter how many numbers great preachers reach, God still reaches the majority of people through average preachers. By definition.

But average preachers can always improve. And sometimes, to do that, they can get advice from another average preacher. In fact, the advice might even be more appropriate for them than anything else.

So, all this is to say, I hope I can blog about this from time to time without being suspected of megalomania.

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