Watching passionate communities evolve.

This entry by GTD wizard Merlin Mann sort of surprised me. I had never thought about Merlin as someone who thought much about church services.

But Merlin doesn’t see it as that much of a stretch and I think he is right:

As I’m sure Brian realized at some point, a lot of the advice in the book (creating an online image, deciding who the blog’s for, and improving your blog over time) will also be of interest to small business and garden-variety bloggers. I enjoy Brian’s writing and think he has a sound grasp on what makes blogs work (or not). Good stuff, and red meat for anyone thinking of taking their church (or their business or their kittens) to the web (emphasis added).

This sort of relationship should work the other way around as well, it seems to me.  While Mann is discussing blogging, it could apply to other applications.  If a product is good for producing collaboration at work, something similar should be useful for encouraging community in churches.  Businesses already show they are willing to purchase this sort of service.  Why shouldn’t church leaders?

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