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Mike Hyatt introduced me to Joel’s goals last month and I’ve been using it since. Unhappily, I’ve not used it that well, but that hasn’t discouraged me from the value of the site. I just deleted my checklist and began rethinking it to come up with more realistic goals or a better opportunity to starts some of them.

I’m pretty confident this will work. The rather shallow desire to use a “cool app” will keep bugging me about more important disciplines. The desire to be cool converges with the desire to make substantial improvement. It is a good thing.

But what I did not know until recently is that Joe’s goals is also Joe’s logbook.

Joe’s logbook works differently. With the goals you simply check off tasks you want to do (or not). With the log you actually write notes. Currently I’m using the log as a way to keep track of hours for various freelance projects I am working on. It is also a way for me to make sure I’m moving consecutively through the Psalms for devotions, through the Bible in general (I started going through Deuteronomy but am considering reverting back to Genesis and heading straight through) or any books. You don’t have to dogear pages or write notes in the margins.

Something in me responds a little bit more powerfully to seeing my page count, rather than simply checking off that I have read a chapter that day.

Joe’s logbook is a different site than Joe’s goals, but they both offer both forms of record keeping and progress monitoring. Give it a try.

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