Bad move

OK, I don’t know what happened to my comments or my categories. I had to reduce the size of the file because it was too large to import. So I deleted all the stuff I imported from Blogger and re-imported it here. Then, after cutting all that I imported what was left: everything I had posted at

So now I have to fix it. Ugh.

4 thoughts on “Bad move

  1. COD

    Why move again? File size should not have been an issue. I imported over 2000 posts and 4500 comments into my WP blog from MT. It did time out frequently, but WP is smart enough to keep track of what actually transferred, so I just kept reimporting until I got it all.

  2. mark Post author

    Yeah that was my experience transfering from my blogger site. The file limit was hit when I tried to upload my rss file from which I had previously downloaded on my hard-drive.

    I moved to have the right to put crass commercial messages on my blog.

  3. mark Post author

    Oh. I ended up using my taco html text editor to delete all the stuff I transferred from blogger so that the file was much much smaller.

    I have no idea why none of the comments transferred and the categories are empty sets.


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