In love with us

We know that God doesn’t need us or anything in his creation. We feel need and it is entangled in our emotions. The mistake is to think that because God lacks the need we have that he also lacks the emotional depth we feel. In fact, it is probably the other way around, according to Romans Eight: our emotional depth is shallow compared to God’s, and is the result of the work of his Spirit in our lives. Otherwise, we would be stoics.

Having pointed out that God holds us to him like underwear and that he treats himself like a pauper waiting to come into his fortune, which happens to be us, I suppose it is no surprise that God also treats us as a woman he wants more than anything. Here is the challenge of faith: Do we really believe God feels this way about us. But, paradoxically, it is also a support for faith. God is never cool to us and he will always be faithful.

I abhor various “free will theisms” for degrading God. But, knowing who God is, I’m amazed at how willing he is to degrade himself in how he describes his love for us.

4 thoughts on “In love with us

  1. Dan

    Yup, God’s most mysterious aspect is his humility, like a big kid, he justs wants to sit on our knee and play horsey. The older I get the more I am drawn to image of God as Christ Child.

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