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From the desk of Mark & Jay Horne

Theologia started as a collection of short writings by Mark Horne which was put on the web by his brother, Jay. Since that time, the site has grown to include contributions from numerous authors. Theologia is all about theology, understood in it’s widest possible meaning–soteriology, church history, apologetics, liturgics, etc, as well as theology proper.

We both are partisans of the Reformation Tradition, as being the healthiest and most promising heritage in Christendom. In addition to being (and because we are) distinctively Reformed, our goal is to be faithfully Biblical and comprehensively catholic. We wish to be faithfully Biblical because no creed or confession can be permitted to replace the comprehensive and ultimate authority of God’s Word. Thus, we try to re-evaluate our positions as we interact with Scripture. We wish to be comprehensively catholic because the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is wider than the Reformed fellowships therein, and to despise these other traditions (however we may disagree with what we are convinced are their errors) would be to despise the Holy Spirit Who promises to give gifts not only to the Reformed but to all the Church. Those gifts are for all Christians, and it would be self-imposed poverty not to seek them out.

Mark Horne has served in the Presbyterian Church in America as an ordained Minister of the Gospel since 1999. He is currently working bivocationally, and is an Assistant Pastor at Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church in Saint Louis. He and his wife, Jennifer, have four children.