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Don Garlington is a heretic

Dear Canadian googler,


Don Garlington is a Christian gentleman whose critics are usually jackasses (PhDs included especially).

I’m glad you are somehow fascinated with my entry on imputation, but you need to move on from the search engine quest for evidence. How many days in a row can you keep doing this?

(If you are searching for some other reason, I apologize, but the trail looked like a would-be satan [“accuser”] more than anything else.)

Pastorpreneur? It must be “a God thing.”

Position wanted: Pastorpreneur

[Name withheld] Church is organized to identify, deploy, train, and support kingdom-minded leaders. A pastorpreneur is an individual with a heart for people and the ingenuity ro reach them. People join our story for several reasons…they are inspired by our ministry philosophy, the want to be connected to us relationally, and they sense it is a God thing. We hope to join together in a vision to see a pervailing [sic], multi-location church emerge that will transform the spiritual landscape; wherever God provides leaders. If you are interested, please check out our story.

    • Salary Range: not specified
    • Education: high school
    • Benefits: telecommunicating available

I’m fine with recruiting potential church planters, but the new title just bugs me.  Thanks to the person who sent me this.  I don’t want to link anyone because it may actually go somewhere better than this start.  Hopefully you will believe me without evidence, I am not making this up.

Update: Nevermind, it is old news.  A website and everything.